Authorized Representatives

ARC Management Systems - Authorized RepresentativesIf you do not have a physical presence in the European Union, you can appoint an Authorized Representative to act on your behalf in certain matters related to machinery compliance.

The Authorized Representative is a person or legal entity established in Europe who is specifically appointed on behalf of a machinery owner or product manufacturer to act on their behalf in Europe, in carrying out the tasks required by the relevant Directives.

The Authorized Representative may deal with authorities and bodies in Europe on the owner or manufacturer’s behalf. However, the manufacturer/owner remains generally responsible for the actions carried out by the Authorized Representative.

This means you need to be certain that your Authorized Representative is diligent, trustworthy, and capable.

ARC Management Systems meets all of those needs.

By way of a written mandate between you and ARC Management Systems, we can provide the following services:

  • Take responsibility for the Conformity Assessment Process, and sign the Declaration of Conformity with you, to confirm that your product meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

  • Keep the EC Declaration of Conformity and Technical Documentation at the request of EU Surveillance Authorities.

  • Co-operate with you and EU Authorities and at their request take actions to eliminate product safety risks as defined under the Machinery Directive.

  • Provide EU Authorities with information and documentation to demonstrate conformity of your product.

  • Manage any necessary tests and measurements on your behalf with third party labs.

  • Manage Test Certification Documentation.