CE Marking Services

Our CE Marking Services: A step-by-step guide

Getting CE Marking for your machinery or products can be a complicated business.

The requirements can be very different from what you need to do for the UL certification in the USA and CSA certification in Canada. Also, it’s not just about finding and complying with the right European Directive. You have to comply with the European Standards that backbone those Directives too.

Without expert help, it’s easy to get lost in the bureaucracy. ARC Management Systems is here to give you that expert help, and help you through the process just as easily.

We do this with our five-step plan

  • Step 1 - Initial Contact from the Client

    Every good relationship starts with a ‘hello’. So you get in touch with us, and we’ll get to work for you, by first asking some basic questions:

    • What type of product or machine do you want to get CE Marking for?
    • What level of compliance, testing, etc., do you already have in place?
    • What level of technical information, drawings, etc., do you already have in place?
    • What are your expectations and your time-frame?
  • Step 2 – Conduct the Project Scoping

    Once we have this information, we will put together a cost proposal to conduct a scoping exercise on the project. This scoping would include:

    • Identification of all European Directives that apply to the product or machine.
    • Identification of all European Standards that apply to the product or machine.
    • Identification of the specific test requirements for the product or machine.

    The project scoping may require a visit to your facility, depending on the complexity of the product or machine.

    The scoping report will detail the expected costs, including our quotation and timelines associated with the project, as well as potential issues that may arise with the product or machine. An example of a potential issue might be the electrics of a machine needing to be upgraded to meet European requirements.

  • Step 3 – Conduct the CE Marking Assessment Process

    When you accept our scoping report and quotation, we will begin the CE Marking process proper.

    We will assign one of our engineers specifically to your project. Our engineer will then work closely with you for the duration of the project and guide you through every step of the way until the machine or product has completed the CE Certification process.

    Our engineer will also lead the Risk Assessment process, where he will assess your machine or product against all the relevant Directives and Standards, and identify areas that may need to be modified.

  • Step 4 – Modifications, Changes, and Testing of the Machine or Product

    Any necessary modifications and changes identified by our engineer will have to be carried out, and testing of those changes will be required. Again, our engineer will lead you through the process and help in identifying the best way to make modifications and changes, and to organize and conduct testing.

  • Step 5 – Compile the Documentation and Issue the Declaration of Conformity

    When we determine that the machine or product now meets all the requirements of the various Directives and Standards that apply to it, we will compile all the documentation that is required to support the CE Mark. This will include Technical Files, Instruction Manuals, and the Declarations of Conformity.

How to benefit from our CE Marking Services

It’s easy to begin to benefit from our CE Marking services, to get your product or machine ready for sale or use in Europe.